It was a dream and a concept of ours for many years to open a brick-and-mortar store that offered super fun, trendy, and modern women’s wear at prices that were modest and affordable. Although, it did not help that our “real jobs” got in the way and of course, the uncertainty and uneasiness if it was going to be worth it was always on our minds. But, why now? Well…why not? Finally, we realized that the timing would never be right. Who would have thought the word “pandemic” or “face masks” would be in our daily vocabulary? We always understood the challenges of finding the “perfect” deals without the feeling of overpaying. At the same time, worrying whether or not the product was of the quality that we expected and hoped for. I am sure those questions have always popped in your minds.

What's in a name - ENJ5? The answer is really simple. The 'E' and 'J' are the first initials of both the owners' first name. And the number 5? Well, we are a proud family of 5. Easy, am I right? Also, in case you are wondering, ENJ5 is a veteran-owned, woman-owned, and minority-owned company.

The ENJ5 brand truly has the customer in mind. Not only as a shopper, wearer, and often “humble” critic of today’s fashion and styles, we wanted to make sure that quality and comfort were prioritized and never compromised. In doing so, we wanted to make certain that you were not only happy in your own skin, but happy in our products. You will find practicality and well-being over the “impracticable” – for example, a scratchy and itchy, no cellphone pocket, difficult to zip/unzip dress that the first thing you do when you get home is to voraciously take it off!

Opened in 2021, ENJ5 offers many reasonably priced options for the today’s young to mature, free-loving, adventurous, courageous, high-spirited, independent contemporary woman. Whether you are a busy 16-year old high school student-athlete, a 20- or 30-something work-from-home professional, a 50-year old outdoor enthusiast, or a homebody like some of us, we provide products for any occasion.

We are extremely proud to be able to offer super fun, trendy, and modern women’s wear at modest and affordable prices.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives!